PENZIOX is committed to providing you with the latest fraud-fighting technology to enhance your account security and support you in acting quickly to prevent fraud. Card Security Text Alerts, now offered on all PENZIOX credit and debit card products, is one of the ways that we can help you keep your account safe. 

With Card Security Text Alerts, if an unusual transaction should occur, you will receive a text message within minutes, asking you to verify the transaction.  You can quickly respond with a text message to validate the transaction, or alert us if the transaction was unauthorized. 


Registration is easy! To complete your registration, here’s what you’ll need: 


•  Mobile phone number

•  Complete card account number

•  Card security code (usually three digits on the back of the card)

•  Card expiration date

•  ZIP Code (what is shown on your card statement under billing address)

•  Last four-digits of the primary cardholder’s Social Security number


It’s that simple . . . register today! 


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